Top tips for flying with a baby

Well after travelling over 22,000 miles from UK to New Zealand and back via Singapore and Bali with a 7 month old baby we have a few top tips for flying with a baby.

  1. Request a bassinet – If your airline is long haul then you should be able to request a bassinet for your baby which will mean you will need bulkhead seats so make sure you select these when checking in and choosing seats online.  A bassinet will prove useful not just for when your baby sleeps but they can be propped up to play with toys too.
  2. Outfit change – it goes without saying that you will have spare outfits for baby but make sure you have extra clothes for yourself in your hand luggage as there’s nothing worse than having to sit covered in baby vomit for the entire of take off/landing plus then 30 minutes of turbulence because the seat belt seat is still on.
  3. Easy removing clothing – sleep suits and onesies we’d recommend for flying plus zip up fleece or dressing gown anything snuggly and easy to remove.
  4. Hats – we’d recommend packing a cotton hat for your baby as airline air conditioning can be fierce and surprisingly the vents seem to be above the bulk head seating so right near the bassinet
  5. Mini-change bag – if you’re on a long haul flight then a smaller change bag will be handier we bought one that was a mat that folded out with room for 2 nappies, wipes and change of clothing.  It fitted into the seat pocket so saved time and easy to grab.
  6. Extra muslin cloths – these are multi-functional as can serve as dribble wipers, blankets if baby gets chilly, stand in change mat, sun shade or a scarf for mummy!
  7. If you are flying long haul and transferring on your journey then it might be worth investing in the use of an airport lounge as this can make a big difference when it comes to heating milk, food and changing your baby in a relaxed environment.  Often lounge access isn’t too pricey either if you book in advance.
  8. On-board dining – Some cabin crew will also have the good sense to ask you, if you’re travelling with your partner or another adult, if you’d like for your meals to be staggered so you both get to eat by swapping baby duties.  This is a good option and so ask if possible when you board the plane.
  9. Hand sanitising gel or spray – these no water needed hand cleaners are a god send when your on an airplane and its difficult to access a toilet to clean up before food.
  10. Toys, toys and lots of toys!  Again it goes without saying but the more you have for your little one to do the better. We had a set of toys easily accessible for on board the first plane and another set in our other carry on we could swap them with for the second connecting flight so she wouldn’t be bored.

Finally I advise you to relax – yes it sounds ridiculous to say this when you’re flying with a baby possibly feeling totally stressed out but try your hardest to also make the journey as relaxing and as enjoyable for yourself as your baby will pick up on your vibes so smile and see it as an adventure.  Experience it through their eyes as exciting and new!

Good luck and happy flying!

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